I strongly recommend Cathy as an interview coach. I found her training very helpful to me.

I am a scientist by training.  With strong credentials, I was able to get a lot of interviews. My friends usually got a job offer after 2-3 interviews. However, I got nothing after 7 on-site interviews from different companies. It occurred to me that my interview skills were not good enough. Then I searched online and found Cathy. I felt very comfortable working with her. She was very encouraging, sharp and professional.

What I learnt from her was that a lot of little things I did not pay attention to could have caused damage to me. I just did not know. If Cathy had not pointed it out, I may never know. With her help, I was able to improve performance at the interview and eventually got two offers from prestigious companies within three weeks.

Of course, interview coaching cannot guarantee you a job offer. You have to have most, if not all qualifications required by the position. But I believe Cathy would help you maximize your chance to get the offer.  I got a new job after coaching with Cathy!

Getting a job is probably one of the most important things in your life. Seeking an interview coach is much more efficient and helpful than reading books or watching videos online. I suggest you contact Cathy if you are not sure about your interview skills.   Jing W, Millbrae, Pharmacologist

“Cathy Morrey is a fantastic Coach Interview and Life Coach! She possesses an incredible gift of being able to zero in on the root causes behind whatever it is that his holding you up/back – even if you are not quite aware of what it is yourself. She is amazingly insightful and extremely direct, yet gentle – she is very supportive, yet holds you accountable so that you achieve your goals- she’s a very powerful force.”

-Dana Thomas, Paralegal

"Cathy has the HIGHEST integrity and works EXTREMELY well with her clients. She gets to the cause of your upsets and breakdowns with laser precision and gets you back in action like never before! Power and passion is her trademark. You get 200% more than you can ever imagine. You don't hire Cathy, you get your life back, you get your mind straight and you get results.... Cathy exudes Love, Life & Happiness!!!!"
-Frank McCue, Real Estate Broker